Common birds, at home and in Forest Park.... 16 and 180316

March 19, 2016

Having reached St.Louis in response to an appeal from Ye Daughter (the call came on Wednesday, the ticket was bought on Friday, and I was here just past midnight on Wednesday!) I decided to peep out at the birds that were coming to the front yard as I could not sleep, on the 16th; and on the 18th, I had two hours to walk to Forest Park, walk around the Prairie area, and walk back.

So…here are the winged beauties that delighted me at both places!

At home:

Northern Mockingbird



Dark-eyed Junco ,

a winter visitor


The House Sparrow imported from other countries, and regarded as a pest in America: IMG_1731 The Common Housefinch (male) which is a local winter visitor: IMG_1738 the female: IMG_1798 The Mourning Dove IMG_1771 The Northern Cardinal (male) iconic bird of St.Louis: IMG_1783 The female, blending right into the colours of the Japanese Maple: IMG_1792 The American Robin IMG_1796 IMG_1838 The European Starling another import that seems to be overruning local species now: IMG_1852 Four kinds of Woodpeckers that I saw within the space of an hour: 1.The Red-headed Woodpecker (on which the cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker, is based) IMG_1862 2.The Red-bellied Woodpecker IMG_1881 3.The Downy Woodpecker IMG_1918 4.The Northern Flicker IMG_1966 IMG_1973 The Song Sparrow IMG_1868 IMG_1939 The Common Grackle IMG_1982 IMG_1975 The Red-winged Blackbird IMG_1985 The Red-tailed Hawk IMG_2000 IMG_2014 I'll add more birds as I photograph them (especially that elusive Blue Jay!)

Let me close with another look at, and from, the Cardinal: