How KTB is shaping up....

November 19, 2015

Anjana Mohan 47 mins · St. Louis, Missouri, MO, United States ·

Letter from Kavya’s teacher:

Good Evening,

I just wanted to share a few wonderful things that Kavya has shared with me and/or our Icy Bear Family. A couple of weeks ago, Kavya & another student decided to take it upon themselves to help another student in our class who is often disruptive & struggles with understanding/applying social skills. They both have reached out to him at recess, in classroom, and during daily routines because they genuinely care about him & want to help.

We have also talked about the little voice inside our heads, “our conscience.” Kavya described to our entire class her understanding of doing the right thing in regards to “the good wolf & bad wolf” inside our heads. It was such a great analogy & I now use this to help our Icy Bears listen to their brains/hearts & do the right thing.

Lastly, today we began discussing what Thanksgiving is, how it began, and what it means. While discussing Thanksgiving & what we are thankful for, the topic of “Black Friday Shopping” came up. Kavya then said, “my mom always says why would we go shopping for things we don’t need when we are already thankful for what we have.” This made me smile & warmed my heart tremendously! It was such a great point to bring up!

Kavya is very blessed to have such well-rounded & caring parents/family! You guys rock! smile emoticon

Mrs. S. R. Wilkinson ECC First Grade Teacher