Visit to Milwaukee, 250615 to 300615

July 6, 2015

It was great to visit my nephew Nagraj (aka Praveen), his impressive wife Nithya, a foodie who blogs


We drove down to Milwaukee through a storm


and a sunset


The next 3 days, we spent in various ways.

IMG_0745 IMG_0744 Looked at several wildflowers like these Forget-me-nots IMG_0783 insects like this Geometrid moth IMG_0786 many birds like these Cedar Waxwings IMG_0901 IMG_1055 insects like this Ebony Jewelwing IMG_0927 mammals like this chipmunk IMG_0804 and this doe IMG_1089 and her fawn IMG_1088 we also played for a while! IMG_0814 IMG_0884 IMG_0973 IMG_0992 made mischief, IMG_1001 lay down with lions, IMG_1012 We enjoyed walking around the historic 3rd ward and looking at landmarks like the Art Museum IMG_1121 IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1706 took plenty of photographs IMG_1139 pushed ourselves a bit IMG_1252 met up with friends from Wisconsin IMG_1371 IMG_1465

DnA drove off on Sunday, but KTB and I stayed on as we felt so comfortable with their warm hospitality.

She took us to the local library: IMG_1627 She baked a yummy zebra cake to celebrate Praveen's completing 12 years in his job: IMG_1698 IMG_1688 IMG_1695 She had two sous chefs who mainly helped by licking out the batter bowls! IMG_1684 She took us strawberry-picking: IMG_1647 I made puchkA, the Bengali version of pAni pUrI (and some other stuff that they liked to eat...I'm not an expert chef like Nithya, but I can make some "nostalgia" dishes!) IMG_1696

Antara and Nithya both suffered from strep throat and fever, but still managed to take very good care of us.

KTB made a nice thank you card:


We enjoyed our visit very much, and hope that Praveen, Nithya and Antara come to St.Louis soon, too!