Circus Flora, 2015 A Summer on Second Street

June 10, 2015

Dawn Kimberling and I volunteered for

Circus Flora 2015

(Anyone who wishes to, can sign up as a volunteer

here )


and yesterday, Harald, one of the House Managers, assigned us our work. IMG_0047 We willingly went about our duties (clean all the seats that are made very dusty by the show horses running around on the sawdust, show people to their seats, help with any difficulty, hand out programs anything that may come up which we can handle ourselves...more serious matters to be referred to Scott or Harald, the House Managers.) Wewere done within a few minutes of the show starting. We then went up to the top row to sit on some empty seats, and enjoyed the show. It was a theme of "One Summer on Second Street", IMG_0048 with a predictably loose tale linking the various acts...trapeze, trampoline, horse-riding, juggling, acrobatics, gymnastics, performing cats and pigeons (er, not together!) and some hilarious clowing by Adam Kuchler He actually orchestrated the clapping of the audience to gales of laughter! For many similar acts, you can see my blogpost about the time I volunteered in 2013, click here and you can see many videos, too. Here are some photos from yesterday: IMG_0046 IMG_0051 IMG_0076 IMG_0080 IMG_0085 I was especially happy to watch my favourite high-wire artists, the Flying Wallendas who are now performing in their seventh generation. I started reading about them in "Life" magazine, in my childhood! I'd met Alex Wallenda on a flight that I wrote about here and had sent him and Claire greetings on their wedding, too. Considering the thousands of people he must have met all over the world, I am amazed that yesterday, too, he recognized me...and remembered my name! I told him he could do another circus performance for a great memory. Here are Aurelia (I think) , Alex and Tino (who is nearly 65, and has performed in so many places, including prisons!),yesterday: IMG_0082 I looked up at the Big Top, and was very impressed. So I got the circus brochure and went through it after I came home. I realized that even the circus tent is an extraordinary work of architecture. It was designed and erected by Erik Jaeger

and here’s a video of the Big Top going up:

So it’s not only the immense talent, unrelenting practice, and dedicatio of the artistes, but even the circus space, that is very impressive!