Play with Play-Doh, 260515

May 27, 2015

Father, children and Play-doh. Judge: D. Pama. The father won in the Realism category with some realistic Peas In A Pod and some Blueberries (he comes last in the Original Shapes category. as he seems content with rolling things into balls. ). The daughter won in the Creativity and Color category.P Her creation was a Salute To Play-doh. She also recited: “Oh, Play-doh, never leave me, I know why/ I’m sad when you leave. Because I cry/ I love you and you love me.” It was a riot of colour. The judge has never before seen a Play-doh creation celebrating the material itself! The son won the Drama category, pretending to eat the “boopies” (er, NOT poopies) as he terms blueberries. He also won the Devil Can Be Angelic When He Likes category. Mother won in the Absent Because Of Study Upstairs category.

The judge did not want to use the camera, for once :D