Monthly bird walk, Forest Park Forever/St.Louis Audubon Society (FPF/SLAS) 020515

May 14, 2015

The first Saturday of every month, SLAS, along with Forest Park Forever, organizes a Beginners’ Bird Walk, and the 2nd of May was a great day, when a huge number of birders (54, according to Amy Witt!) met up in the morning, at Kennedy Forest, the wooded area at the southwest corner of Forest Park.

Here are some of the birds we saw:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (a lifer for me)


Barred Owl (another lifer)


White-eyed Vireo (the 3rd lifer!)


White-throated Sparrow: IMG_7566 White-breasted Nuthatch: IMG_7713 The Downy Woodpecker: IMG_7709 The Great Crested Flycatcher: IMG_7721 Northern Cardinal: IMG_7610 American Goldfinch: IMG_7614 Here are some of us: IMG_7612 There were also Blackberry flowers: IMG_7617 May Apples: IMG_7623 Wild Geraniums: IMG_7626 Trillium was just about to flower: IMG_7668 Here are Liz Barack and Barb Brownell, who've become good birding friends! IMG_7722 Here are Bob Bailey, Dave Garcia, and Mark Glenshaw: IMG_7607 Here are Bob and Dave talking to Randy Korotev; Bob said he's learnt a lot about birds from Randy, and that's really something! IMG_7608

We agreed that it had been a very productive morning, even though I didn’t know the names of many of the beautiful things I’d seen.