Cataract surgery complications Wait and See, 100415

April 10, 2015

My darling A,

Yesterday, you wasted one hour of your working time, preparing questions that I could ask the eye doctor. I got the surgeon who did my right eye (Dr Praveen Murthy) to give me an appt today at 3pm

For the rest of you, if you don’t want the details: I have a not very major problem caused by the surgery, and should wait to see if it settles down, or I get used to it, over the next few months.

If this is enough for you, just delete the email. Only Anjana may be interested in all the ikkini details, I will not blame anyone else if they are bored to death :D

******************** I went there at 2.30 pm, so ofkose I was called in at 4pm. At 4.30pm, finally Dr Praveen saw me, and I explained my problem once again, in great detail. After looking at my eyes, he decided to dilate them once again. Having examined the dilated eyes, he said that he probably knew what my problem was, and that he would have an OCT scan done for me on both eyes. So I decided to ask all the questions after he interpreted the scan. Well, getting the scan done took until 5pm (mainly the wait...the procedure is about 6 min on each eye) and it was 6pm when he saw me again, and tested my vision on the chart once more, and looked carefully at the scan results. Now, for the questions Anjana and I prepared, and the answers. 1. Why do I have fuzzy eyesight? More generally, what is wrong? Dr PRM: . You have Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD). You have multiple opacities (bits floating about) in both eyes. The macula is OK. I have ruled out cystoid macular oedema. This sometimes happens after cataract surgery. 2.What is my time frame going to be, for improvement? Dr PRM 3 months minimum. There are 3 possibilities. a. You will get used to things b. If the vitreous humor liquifies a bit, the bits (floaters) may go off to the side and no longer bother you. c. You may still not get used to it, in which case, you can come back to me for surgical treatment. 3. Can this surgical treatment be done now? Dr PRM: The surgical treatment involves removing the vitreous humor. At this stage, it is not ethical (sic) of me to do this procedure. I must let enough time elapse and ensure that you are still extremely uncomfortable, and even then, I will do one eye first and see if that solves your problem and only then do the other eye. So, as of now, it cannot be done. 4. Will the use of any other drops help me? Dr PRM: No. 5. Is there any condensation on the lens that is causing the problem? Dr PRM: No. 6. Do I have posterior capsular opacity and will I need YAG laser treatment for that? Dr PRM: No. 7. Do I have breakage of the capsular bag containing the Intra Ocular Lens? Dr PKM: No. 8. Do I have "curtains tha perihpery of my vision? Dr PRM: No. 9. Can I come to you if necessary upon my return from the US? Dr PRM: Yes. (hah, he changed his tune.) 10. What about the floaters occasional glittery feeling, and the feeling of something folding over in my right eye? Dr PRM: Nothing to worry about, right now. I'm hoping that it will settle down. 11. How long will I take to get used to the "blue tint" in my vision? Dr PRM You have been given an IOL with an amber tint. Most myopics find a blue tint after their cataract surgery, and this compensates. However, you seem unusually sensitive to the tint. You will get used to it; but it may take 2 or 3 months. We give the tinted IOL also to prevent later macular degeneration. Actually, Dr Krishna Murthy, the physician whom I saw last time, told me I had an IOL with a blue tint inserted. So this was one point where there was a discrepancy. But since Dr Praveen had actually done the surgery, I would go with what he says. 12. Can I have an email id so that I can keep in touch with you if necessary while I am abroad? Dr PRM: Yes. (email id given.)

I thanked the doctor. I think that whatever can be done has been done, quite diligently, by the eye clinic. I am one of those ‘statistics’ which are just numbers…until they happen to you!

Now that I have the information..I will be not just an eye patient, but generally patient, and see if my problems settle down over a period of a few months.

A, I am content to wait, and I do not want to see another doctor in the US. In fact I will be extremely happy if I never have to see another doctor professionally again!

Cheers, “Misty-vision” Amma