Moral of the not neglect any symptoms...

March 31, 2015

Apparently, as a result of cataract surgery, for people who’ve had short sight (myopia) retinal degeneration (this vairety is called a lattice tear, see

it needs laser surgery without delay)

gets accelerated in a few people..

I was seeing flashes and floaters for the past 2 days, and went to get it checked out. I had not expected that I would have to immediately undergo some laser surgery to “stitch” the weak area, which had the tear. Contrary to the mild discomfort of the cataract surgery, this was rrather painful and the surgeon (Ms. Chitralekha, a retinal laser specialist) had to do it with pauses ( I did not choose the alternative of getting it done under general anasthesia>). So right now, rather deep eye pain in my left eye and both eyes dilated.

I’ve taken a painkiller. I’m glad I went to get it checked out immijetly. I’ve been asked to use my eyes normally but avoid “active sports”…so Magic Johnson won’t be hearing from me in the next couple of days.

So…even two weeks after surgery…one should not ignore any sympotms.