Cataract surgery, 110315

March 12, 2015

Had the cataract removed from one eye (with laser surgery) today. The other eye, tomorrow. Reasonably painless procedure. Typing is automatic on my laptop keyboard…but reading is still problematic, about 7 hours after surgery, as the eye that was done still seems to have a not-very clean plastic sheet over it. The other eye was already giving enough fuzziness through my spectacles to make me want to go to the eye surgeon.

Was made to come to the clinic at 7.45 am, and realized that the surgeon would arrive only at 9am. Was issued a cap and a robe that made me look the latest thing in the wedding-caterer-servers fashions. (Let me try and upload the pics my friend took.)

The funniest part is sitting at home because every hour on the hour (oh, it’s time now!) I must put in 1, 2, 3, or 4 different types of drops.

Been listening to a lot of good music :D

Been getting a lot of advice. People never want to ask how I am feeling. They call only to give advice, most of which is….wrong.

More later. I want to share that yes, I did have some tension about “what if it goes wrong just for ME?” ….the right eye will be done tomorrow. hides the crossed fingers

The doctors at the Prabha Eye Clinic are very good. I can’t say the same of a counsellor who actually told me twice, “Madam, surgery absolutely no risk.” I’m all for having an optimist (not an optometrist) as a counsellor…but this was a bit much!

Also, the insurance, which, like a loincloth, will barely cover my nakedness and still make me pay large sums….

Will write a consolidated post later. Cataract removal…who knew there could be so much humour in it?