The birds of Bandhavgarh

March 10, 2015

Though it poured for 3 days of our stay in Bandhavgarh, we still saw a lot of interesting things on our safaris, and within the grounds of Nature Heritage Resort where we stayed. I’m just going to put up the birds that I was able to click (my friends Karthik, Manjula, Nitin and Sharmila, who were all carrying DSLRs, definitely got more, and better shots!). Let me start with the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, a flaunty beauty which was a lifer for me.


Our list was 125 species of birds, from the 1st to the 4th of March…here’s my list on eBird

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Go on to the next friend’s post if birds bore you, because here they come…

Booted Eagle, near Chennai, from the train, 270215: IMG_3523 010315 (pouring rain and low light!): Himalyan Griffon (I don't know if this is now called a Himalyan Vulture or a Griffon Vulture): IMG_3610 IMG_3661 Long-billed Vulture (the kind that we are now seeing only in single digits (often, 1 or 2) in Ramnagara, Karnataka) IMG_3612 On the 3rd, this one cranes (sorry for the bad pun) its neck for a better view: IMG_4095 Woolly-necked Stork: IMG_3619 Alexandrine Parakeet: IMG_3624 Indian Roller: IMG_3632 IMG_3635 Painted Spurfowl: IMG_3644 Red-headed Vulture: IMG_3656 Indian Hoopoe: IMG_3673 Chestnut-shouldered Petronia (you can see the chestnut-coloured shoulder!) IMG_3693 The peacock (yes, it's the male...and they were all over the place!) IMG_3712 IMG_3719 IMG_3864 IMG_3719 020315: Red Junglefowl, from which all our domestic chickens are descended: IMG_3757 Crested Tree-swift: IMG_3817 Jungle Owlet: IMG_3823 IMG_3893 Yellow-footed Green Pigeons: IMG_3830 Preening: White-eyed Buzzard: IMG_3837 Black-rumped Flameback: IMG_3853 On 030315, acting in typical Thrush-fashion, turning over the leaf clutter in the resort: IMG_4194 With a White-eyed Babbler: IMG_4188 The Tickell's Blue Flycatcher: IMG_4208 Plum-headed Parakeet: IMG_3879 On 030315: IMG_4144 Wire-tailed Swallow: IMG_3886 IMG_3889 Crested Serpent Eagle: IMG_3913 030315: Small Minivet: IMG_3992 Brown-headed Barbet: IMG_4009 Lesser Adjutant: IMG_4035 This Adjutant looks as if it's comtemplating doing something very rude to the Chital :D IMG_4076 But no, it doesn't! Coppersmith Barbet: IMG_4135 Green Bee-eater, eating bee: IMG_4137 Yellow-wattled Lapwing: IMG_4443 Black-hooded Oriole: IMG_4216 Indian Roller: IMG_4237 Jungle Owlet at sunset: IMG_4269 IMG_4318 Oriental Magpie Robin: IMG_4321 Changeable Hawk Eagle: IMG_4367 IMG_4372 Common Kingfisher: IMG_4375 the Greater Coucal: IMG_4434 Another silhouette of the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo: IMG_4378

Let me close with a pic of We Who Watch (and me, who Eternally Drinks Chai):


L to R, Manjula, Sharmila-in-the-jeep, YT, Nitin and Karthik. All looking very happy and satisfied! I hope you enjoyed the birds of Bandhavgarh as much as we did. birds of Bandhavgarh as much as we did.