Lalbagh walk with PC, 100215

February 12, 2015

It was a lovely sunrise at Lalbagh.



We entered by the south (Siddapura) gate:


Since is interested both in birds and photography, he was an ideal victim, sorry, person, to take to this beautiful public garden, which is a jewel of Bangalore. IMG_1853 It's a great place to photograph heritage, history, people, plants, trees, birds, insects... IMG_1857 Here's the jewel in the jewel, the Glass House: IMG_1860 What this Lady Voluptuous is doing in the middle of a Japanese garden has always been a mystery to me, but I was told that there were political forces at work resulting in her installation! IMG_1891 The central bandstand: IMG_1911 Here are some of the birds: Blue Rock Pigeon: IMG_1990 Common Myna: IMG_1995 Rose-ringed Parakeet: IMG_1997 Great Egret: IMG_2030 Ashy Prinia: IMG_2042 White-cheeked Barbet: IMG_2059 While looking at some birds, I also saw some plants and trees. Saraca ashoka, the Ashoka tree, under which Sita is supposed to have been sitting in Sri Lanka: IMG_1917 I don't know the name of this flowering tree: IMG_1920 Amherstia nobilis: IMG_1898 The Cup of Gold vine: IMG_1908 A mango tree, more than 200 years old, from the era of Tipu Sultan, whose son had a lot to do with the setting up of Lalbagh: IMG_1910 Mussaenda erythrophylla: IMG_1922 Swietenia macrophylla: IMG_1929 The magnificient, approx-200-year-old Silk Cotton tree, one of the sights of Lalbagh: IMG_1935 Sterculia foetida: IMG_1957 Kigelia pinnata, the Sausage Tree: IMG_2074 IMG_2075 </lj-cut> We returned home via the famous Ashoka Pillar in Jayanagar: IMG_2070 All the photos are on my FB album, here It was a very enjoyable morning!