Human beings on the Sira outing, 010215

February 5, 2015

We were a nice round dozen this time…


And we went around Sira, along the edge of the lake IMG_0705 Some of us fanned out like the tree did, over our heads. IMG_0713 Some of us took local transportation on the very dusty road: IMG_0750 Some of us were pretty good with apps: IMG_0640 But at other times, wanted to drive our father's car! IMG_0766 Where we parked our cars, we watched preparations for the puja (ritual worship) at the temple opposite. IMG_0754 We also enjoyed seeing the open-air seating on the local buses: IMG_0755 We watched colourful buses plying. IMG_0640 This one was called McLaren...I wonder which race it would have won! IMG_0758 Some of us brought wonderful snacks (this is Ruma with chatpata sprouts!) that we shared: IMG_0761 We admired some of the local cyclists. IMG_0763 We exchanged notes.. IMG_0764 We watched mantras flying by on mopeds. IMG_0767 Votive lamps for sale: IMG_0814 When watching birds we were all good fence! IMG_0790 Our food was very important, and here's lunch: IMG_0804 We watched the colourful buses: IMG_0809 Here's the local cinema hall. IMG_0811 A handmade door decoration: IMG_0815 Here we are at Kaggaladu village, gawking at the birds. IMG_0824 These ladies of Kaggaladu village are sorting out "avarekkALu" (the famous winter beans beloved by all in Karnataka) IMG_0827 Here is little Navyashree, in her bright clothes. IMG_0828 I wondered how the sheep (and the shepherd) found sustenance in the dry, parched area of Kaggaladu kere: IMG_0898 A child at her hip, and cattle to lead on...that's this woman's life... IMG_0903 The buffaloes weren't always co-operative! IMG_0912 Harish was doing PWUS... Photography With Unusual Supports. IMG_0921 IMG_1004 (Have you heard of overhead cameras?) We couldn't decide if Devadatha was a left-tea, or a right-tea! IMG_0925 Sajid had a "I've got great shots!" grin. IMG_0927 Others were still on the chain-link! IMG_0940 The local fishermen stopped their work and were watching our antics: IMG_0952 IMG_0990 IMG_0978 That was upright; this was Lying Photography. IMG_1003 It's very hard not to feel envious of someone who can relax like this! IMG_0976 Our shadows lengthened across the water IMG_0970 And across the land. IMG_0975 IMG_0977 Some people seemed to have shed their clothes...did they turn into spirits? IMG_1015

I finally took a snap of the spoor of the Most Dangerous Animal.


There was a graphic reminder of what would happen to us if we didn’t “Cross” the road carefully.


And here we are, at the end of a very happy day, tucking ourselves back into our cars for the journey home (via another Kamat Upachar, ofkose!)