How a single photograph can lead me to so much Sira, 010215

February 5, 2015

On the way back from Sira, I just clicked this message on the back of a truck as it intrigued me…


The Hindi message says, “khAtu shyAm kA khilOnA” (plaything of Khatu Shyam).

I couldn’t understand what it meant, and on my FB post, I’d asked what it was about.

Gursharan Rai gave me the link to thes,

Wiki entry

about Khatu Shyam.

The Wiki entry says, “In Hinduism, KhatuShyam is a name and manifestation of Barbarika, son of Ghatotkacha. This manifestation is especially popular in the Indian state of Rajasthan, haryana. The original Sanskrit name Barbarīka is often replaced in Rajasthan by the Hindi version, Barbarīk, often written as Barbareek.

Barbarika had obtained a boon from Krishna to the effect that he would be known by Krishna’s own name (Shyam) in the Kaliyuga era (presently ongoing) and worshiped. Krishna had declared that Barbarika’s devotees would be blessed just by pronouncing his name from the bottom of their hearts. Their wishes would be granted and troubles removed if they worship Shyamji (Barbarika) with a true piety.”

Do read the rest of the tale..the mythology is fascinating!

Gursharan gave this further explanation about “plaything”: “Its very common to see this lord pic in the North…khatu wale shayam ji…the owner of the truck got this vehicle because of His blessings so it’s a gift in the shape of truck which is just a toy for his lord.”

To think that one casual click led me to the wonderful story of Barbarika…!