Gulakmale (yes, again) 10 and 110115

January 20, 2015

On the 10th only 3 of us went there, but we did find quite few other birders. We were able to meet and exchange notes.


Kiran, Guru, and Prem….we are ready to start!


The swallows made written music against the sky.


It was a misty, beautiful sunrise:


The lake was equally beautiful as the sun rose.


We found a fair number of birds, including this JERDON'S BUSHLARK on a Calatropis (milkweed) bush: IMG_9169 A LITTLE RINGED PLOVER ran around, too. IMG_9197 This WHITE-BROWED BULBUL posed for me. IMG_9206 One bird that I don't often click is the JUNGLE CROW IMG_9211 This palm tree bears many ASIAN OPENBILLS. IMG_9214 Here's their typical foraging behaviour, picking up snails from the shallows: IMG_9223 Here's one in flight. IMG_9224 Everywhere, on the dried-up areas of the lake bed, the Calatropis (milkweed, this one's called the haldi-kumkum plant because of the yellow and red flowers) plants were flowering and dispersing their seeds by the wind: IMG_9167 SANDPIPERS waded along the water's edge. IMG_9172 SCALY-BREASTED MUNIAS foraged, too. IMG_9180 Here's the beauty of the shallow part of the lake: IMG_9182 And the beauty of the arid mounds with grass: IMG_9189 It was fun to see birders and birds looking in opposite directions! IMG_9183 I liked this Cat On A Cool Tin Roof! IMG_9225 It was funny to see the cat and the White-browed Wagtail completely ignoring each other! IMG_9228 Peepal leaves made emeralds and a ruby. IMG_9238 This is what our revered and worshipped gods come to, after immersion: IMG_9191 On the 11th, we were a larger group at the MCS (Mandatory Chai Stop): IMG_9251 Some of the sights were not as delightful as others. IMG_9255 A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush, but these two TAWNY-BELLIED BABBLERS were priceless! IMG_9270 RED AVADAVATS (Lal Munias), were in the reeds. IMG_9276 they had the photographers waiting. IMG_9299 BARN SWALLOWS sat upon sticks and pondered the meaning of life. IMG_9278 A SIBERIAN STONECHAT did so, too! IMG_9292 GREAT CORMORANTS formed a diving and fishing line. IMG_9327 Butterflies like this TAWNY COSTER were around, too. IMG_9286 The grasses looked gorgeous against the light. IMG_9289 We returned via the Champakadhama temple. IMG_9333

I must end with a pic of this ruby-eyed ruby of a Lal Munia male:


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