Al Literation

December 25, 2014

A friend said, “More than a decade ago, you’d produced a list of ‘Arab’ words, beginning with ‘al’….let’s have the list again!”

I can’t remember too many, but here are the ones that I do:

Lazy Arab: Album Arab who prefers men: Algae Arab who likes stripes: Algebra (the interesting part about this word is that, truly, the world algebra is derived from the word for zero… can “hear” the “siro” becoming ziro, to zero, to zebr to gebr to gebra!) Arab who likes the US (is there such a one?) Alabama (or even Alobama :D ) Arab losing hair: Alopaecia Arab unity: Altogether Arab twins: Alike Arab tragedy: Alas Arab world: Alok Arab memory loss: Alzheimer Nearing the end of this list: Almost Done!

I’m amazed that my friend remembers this list… I’d tot(al)ly forgotten it!