Celebrating life, 101214

December 17, 2014

I just posted about the death of children, so I must definitely post about the celebration of life and a return to good health.

I went to Delhi to celebrate the 50th birthday of

(who doesn't have the time to blog any more...) IMG_7062 She is a true survivor,who's battled loss and grief, adversity and obstacles, and done it with grace and a smile. For both KM and me, she's the only immediate family in India. IMG_7070 She had one big party for her colleagues at work, and her actual birthday was a quiet day, with a visit to an old Shiva temple. At week's end, she was able to get together with many of her friends, including several people whom she's known from childhood and had recently connected up with on FaceBook; it was a Loreto Convent Kindergarten reunion! IMG_7105 The cake, organized by her brother Ravi and her cousin Nishu, was a wonderful concoction IMG_7083 with edible photographs printed along the side! IMG_7149 By the end of the evening, she was loaded with love and good wishes: IMG_7167 And quite tired out, but still with that ever-present smile, even through the yawn! IMG_7165 "AdhA hai chandramA, rAt Adhi" (the moon and the night are both half gone) we sang, as we went home... IMG_7170 We missed several people...but thought of all them often; from her mother and her Dadda, to some characters sitting halfway across the world. Wishing you health and happiness in the years ahead, my beloved sister in law!