The road, the river, the birds, the beings...Galibore trip,221114

December 3, 2014

The road…

It unites so many lives.


People drive on it


Some just walk on it IMG_5613... Some lead their animals on it.. IMG_5646 IMG_5707 Sometimes buildings, especially temples, are built right on it.. IMG_5612 Eateries survive near it: IMG_5589 Several creatures thrive near it: IMG_5603 My friends discuss their photographs, standing on it: IMG_5623 There are havens at the end of the road: IMG_5724 On an urban road is the statue of a bird-lover: IMG_5789 The River. The Kaveri is beautiful... IMG_5687 IMG_5688 IMG_5690 IMG_5708 IMG_5709 The birds: Rose-ringed Parakeet at nest: IMG_5719 Rosy Starlings and Common Mynas: IMG_5624 Pied Bushchat: IMG_5616 Grey Heron: IMG_5692 Spot-billed Pelican: IMG_5647 IMG_5659 Spot-billed Duck: IMG_5651 Fish in the water: IMG_5695 Paddyfield Pipit: IMG_5683 Painted Stork: IMG_5650 Short-toed Snake Eagle: IMG_5618 Red-wattled Lapwing: IMG_5634 White-throated Kingfisher: IMG_5640 Oriental Honey Buzzard: IMG_5785 Plants: Leo otis, or Lion's Ear: IMG_5656 Gall on the leaves: IMG_5643 A beautiful wildflower: IMG_5638 the Shankha Pushpi (Shell flower) IMG_5773 A jewel bug: IMG_5702 Grass Yellows mud-puddling: IMG_5733 A tiny, perfect grasshopper: IMG_5740 A dragonfly: IMG_5698

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Let me close with this view of the Kaveri: