Turahalli Day, 281114

December 1, 2014

For some years now, we’ve been celebrating

Turahalli Habba, or Festival, or Day

just to register the presence of those who love this patch of forest, and want to prevent any more encroachment

Here’s the

FB page

A group of us decided to do the bird walk, and here we are, at the MCS before heading out to Turahalli:


Light gathered in the sky:


I spotted this little gem on the side of the road: IMG_6215 tells me it is a Dodge Truck from the 40's... "The grille is very distinctive. Don't know the exact model, but it sure seems similar to this " he says. Indeed it seems to be the same! We arrived a bit late, thanks to some befuddling GPS, but still got the rising sun: IMG_6229 At Turahalli, a lot of activities were going on. There were rock climbers: IMG_6224 There were people just enjoying the peace: IMG_6226 Some were sharing their knowledge: IMG_6251 Some were collecting trash, and laughing about their "spoils"! IMG_6253 It was good to see far less trash than before, and even more heartening to see children collecting it, too: IMG_6269 There was cycling: It was good to see adult and children's cycles! IMG_6278 We opened our "birding account" on the way to Turahalli with this female KESTREL: IMG_6217 MBK pointed out this PEACOCK IMG_6241 but later the butterfly group IMG_6254 told us that some people were trying to poach these birds by setting the dogs on to them. I have made a complaint to the Forest Dept, and am hoping for more active surveillance. A SOUTHERN COUCAL skulked through the trees, but we were able to see it. IMG_6248 A delightful CLERODENDRUM greeted us: IMG_6240 The butterfly group got 50 species! Here's a COMMON CROW: IMG_6242 I found this dead FRUIT-PIERCING MOTH: IMG_6274 IMG_6275 I saw a YELLOW PANSY: IMG_6246 It was not nice, though, to see the loooong line of cars which had come for the event...but I suppose it can't be helped! IMG_6258 Naturally, there is a huge block of buildings coming up right opposite, with this as the selling point: IMG_6262 Of course, some of us finished with a good breakfast at Adiga's: IMG_6282 </lj-cut> On the way back home, I was wondering if I could hire this silver chariot! IMG_6284 I've put up more photos on my FB album, here We hope the sun always shines on an undisturbed patch of Turahalli Forest: IMG_6235