BWFC 4th Sunday outing to Kaikondrahalli Kere 231114

November 24, 2014



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It was very pleasant to be able to go to Kaikondrahalli Kere after a long time and find that, apart from the dumping and levelling going on down one side of it, the lake is generally still well-maintained.



An ambling walk of a couple of hours were very productive from the bird point of view, and we watched the nesting behaviour of the Great Cormorants, IMG_5868 and the fishing by almost all of the waterfowl. Several juvenile Brahminy Kites, swooping at the surface of the water now and then, provided the raptor touch. The flock of Chestnut-tailed Starlings feeding on the Eucalyptus fruit pods made me muse on how species adapt even to exotic trees and utilize them. Some of us compared notes over breakfast; there is a restaurant called "Sri Bhema's" around the corner which is ideal for the purpose! IMG_5956 Many thanks to Prarthana for organizing the outing though it was a little difficult for her. Her daughter Tanushree is developing into a good bird-spotter! There were several children on the walk this time, and it was heartening to see. I have put up my album on FB, click here My e-Bird list is here Babbler, Jungle Barbet, White-cheeked Bee-eater, Green Bulbul, Red-vented Bulbul, Red-whiskered Bushchat, Pied Coot, Common IMG_5799 Cormorant, Great IMG_5817 IMG_5843 Cormorant, Little Coucal, Greater Crow, House Crow, Jungle Darter, Oriental IMG_5929 IMG_5923 Dove, Laughing Dove, Spotted Drongo, Ashy Drongo, Black IMG_5832 IMG_5873 Drongo, White-bellied Duck, Spot-billed IMG_5840 Egret, Cattle Egret, Intermediate Flameback, Greater Flowerpecker, Pale-billed Grebe, Little Heron, Grey IMG_5866 Heron, Indian Pond IMG_5802 Heron, Purple IMG_5835 Honey-buzzard, Oriental Ibis, Black Jacana, Bronze-winged Kingfisher, Common IMG_5879 Kingfisher, White-throated IMG_5838 Kite, Black Kite, Brahminy IMG_5830 Koel, Asian Lapwing, Red-wattled IMG_5895 Munia, Scaly-breasted Myna, Common Myna, Jungle Oriole, Eurasian Golden Parakeet, Rose-ringed Pelican, Spot-billed Pigeon, Blue Rock Pipit, Paddyfield Prinia, Ashy Robin, Indian Sandpiper, Green IMG_5862 Sandpiper, Wood Silverbill, Indian Shikra Sparrow, House Starling, Chestnut-tailed IMG_5870 Stork, Painted IMG_5827 Sunbird, Purple Sunbird, Purple-rumped Swallow, Barn Swallow, Red-rumped Swallow, Wire-tailed Swamphen, Purple Swift, Un id Tailorbird, Common Tern, River Tit, Great IMG_5917 Wagtail, White-browed Warbler, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Clamorous Reed Waterhen, White-breasted Loved the shades of green that Tanushree pointed out: IMG_5931 The Akasha Mallige (Indian Cork Tree) is in full flower now: IMG_5933 Lots of six-footers, too, like this COMMON CASTOR: IMG_5858 this DAMSELFLY: IMG_5860 This weirdo with more legs than I could count, and backpacks, too! IMG_5892 Some abstract images caught my eye, too: IMG_5852 IMG_5855 Some bird seemed to have built its nest with soft, inviting straw rather than the usual luxe residence! IMG_5945 The gatekeeper's dog was a real dish: IMG_5952

Here is a Striped Tiger, and then two Plain Tigers, to bid you goodbye for now!