The Panchalinga temple, Begur, 161114

November 17, 2014

Sometimes a lot of the hard work is done for me!

Arvind took Gayatri and me to the 1200-year-old temple of nagarEshwara in Begur. I thought I’d write about it, but

this blogpost by Anita Bora

has done a great job of it!

The only difference after 6.5 years is that two rAja gOpurAs have been constructed, and will be consecrated today (17 Nov 2014). There are some rather unimaginative, but well-meaning, repairs in the temple, but the age old nagarEshwara shrine is still rather tottery!

Lovely video with the commentary in Kannada:

So, here are a few pictures I took.

A temple I saw before the Panchalinga temple:


A view of the Panchalinga temple:


The simple temple rathA (chariot) in a "garage" opposite the temple. IMG_5468 A rAjagOpurA under construction (it's supposed to be consecrated today, and seems nowhere near done!) IMG_5470 The other one, more finished: IMG_5474 How can I have a post without birding in it? A migratory Spot-billed Pelican soars over the temple (the Begur Lake is close by). IMG_5476 The old shrine: IMG_5472 The small gopura: IMG_5481 The old part of the temple: IMG_5482 The tottering old nagarEshwara shrine: IMG_5473 the Nandi in front: IMG_5484 IMG_5495 Small bas relief of Ganesha: IMG_5496 Getting ready for the deepOtsavA (lamp festival): IMG_5486 A yagnya being performed: IMG_5488 The low ceilings and granite pillars: IMG_5489 rAvaNA, the king of Sri Lanka, a great devotee of Shiva, and the "villain" of the epic, rAmAyaNA, as a vehicle for the god in procession: IMG_5490 Another such pallakki both are at the shrine of kAlikAmbA: IMG_5492 Shrine to sUrya nArAyaNA: IMG_5493 The view of the Nagareshwara shrine: IMG_5494 Hero stones and inscriptions in the courtyard: IMG_5497 IMG_5516 IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5498 A Ganesha carved out of a bullock horn: IMG_5512 View of the "staircase" to the gopura under construction: IMG_5500 It's made of bamboo and bricks, earth-friendly materials instead of metal; looks rickety, but that's what the builders are working with! IMG_5501 Another view of the temple: IMG_5514 A "vilva"(crab apple) tree in full fruition: IMG_5517 One of the trees in the courtyard: IMG_5518 Another one next to it: IMG_5519 The flower seller outside with her umbrella flying in the breeze: IMG_5523

I’ve put up some more photos on my FB album,

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(especially those who like to see what everyday religious life is like Over Here!)