Childrens Day at Bandipur, 141114

November 17, 2014

As wildlife volunteers, Kumuda, Siddharth and I went to Bandipur to help celebrate Children’s Day with about 150 children from three local schools: Hangala, Mangala, Bheemannabeedu.


I love that old Karnataka logo!

Here are the Forest Dept. officials at the event: IMG_5166 13 of the children spoke about wildlife and conservation, and we were very impressed. One of the Adivasi teachers also spoke with great passion. Here's Chandrakala, a versatile girl who both sang and spoke well: IMG_5165 Here are some of the children, who ran up and asked to be photographed...such delights! IMG_5180 Here's everyone at the end of the event: IMG_5277 Here are all the Eco-Volunteers who attended: IMG_5344 (Deepa, Harsha, Satish, Veena, Ashritha, Kumuda, Sandeep, Siddharth) Other sights, and thoughts: Wildlife: Love can be Wild-ly Boaring.... IMG_5110 Hanuman Langurs were everywhere: IMG_5207 This beautiful ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER delighted me: IMG_5119 IMG_5186 As did this TREE PIPIT: IMG_5151 The Peacock's breeding plumage, and That Amazing Tail, is just starting to grow out at this season. IMG_5308 "Horn OK Please" is the slogan at the back of most trucks (meaning, sound your horn to overtake)...but here was a horn, sorry, antler... IMG_5153 This plastic sheet, excreted (probably by a Chital) was a scary reminder that the litter we leave behind could kill animals that ingest it. This animal was lucky to be able to eliminate it. Bandipur has always been a place of Mother and Child, for me. Here are the species that I clicked this time, quite appropriately, on Children's Day! Langur: IMG_5156 IMG_5270 Gaur: IMG_5316 IMG_5322 Elephant: IMG_5335 Just look at those two little cuties! Human beings: Life at the edges of the forest continues to be hard: IMG_5301 Our old temples fall into ruins: IMG_5080 But instead of maintaining them, we keep on building new ones... IMG_5076 Such beautiful banyan trees, shading the highway. They were planted long ago...can we keep up the practice? IMG_5078 Contemporary Indian architecture certainly seems to celebrate colour! IMG_5081 So do our buses! IMG_5082 (Don't miss the usual hanging-from-the-footboard mode of travel.)

We also dropped in to see Loki (Lokesh) at JLR Bandipur, and I asked permission for Kumuda and Siddharth to see the beautiful murals in some of the rooms:



I’d written an article on the three artists who did the murals…the project was left unfinished, and the newer cottages don’t have them.

I’ve put up more photos on my FB album,


(the official part)



(the other parts!)