RocknRoll Half-Marathon, 191014

October 21, 2014

This run had a great slogan:


Here’s A…


looking up her name and number:


Here's the route: IMG_3304 The number of runners was huge: IMG_3305 IMG_3581 No doubt about the city! IMG_3586 She met us after she'd finished: IMG_3594 Here's Team Asha, raising funds for the education of children in India: IMG_3600 Team Asha and Son: IMG_3603 We went to have breakfast: IMG_3608 We also went to a donut shop: IMG_3614 I'd never seen a donut-making machine before! IMG_3616

The children feasted their eyes:


We came back home, celebrating A’s achievement!

Here are the number:

Participant Detail 8279 Anjana Mohan Saint Louis, MO Age: 35 | Gender: F Finished In: 01:53:57 Overall: 1012 out of 6361 Division: 79 out of 693 Gender: 359 out of 4080