Memories, and feelings

October 13, 2014

How to take the sting Out of sad memories? IMG_5411

How to take the sting Out of sad memories? How to prevent the thoughts From running down one’s cheeks In pearls of relived emotion? Perhaps, one should store memories Consciously; peel away the layers Of emotion that make them memorable. Leave the facts–what happened… Like flowers laid away in books, Which have no fragrance, no roundness, But still bring back the remembered time, One’s memories can then take one back To relive the times, without the wracking feelings That wrenched at one’s heart then, With deep pain and gut-wrenching agony. Can one sanitize memories? Or will they, as a friend says, Always be associated with the emotions, And shake one deeply each time Those days pass once again before the mind’s eye? Is a sad memory always a living thing That brings back those feelings That have been lying, forgotten, but present? Or…can one mummify memories And make of them life-like things That yet have no pain… Nor the power to bring agony to life afresh?