Forest Park Forever/St.Louis Audubon Society, Bird Walk, 041014

October 8, 2014

It was a nice chill morning as I set out early to Forest Park.


The rising sun lit up the grasses:


A pair of WOOD DUCKS

were my first sighting:



couple also appeared:


The Mallard male is a bird of colour!


The beauty of Forest Park never fails to enthral me.


I enjoyed the perky HOUSE SPARROWS while waiting for the walk to start. IMG_2429 Mark was leading the walk, and we set off. IMG_2438 It was great to see a female KESTREL: IMG_2443 Scopes and cameras were trained on the raptor. IMG_2446 Notice that fall apparel is being worn! IMG_2444 Three MOURNING DOVES made a nice composition: IMG_2456 I liked these flowers, too! IMG_2465 IMG_2502 This ground-cover plant (I'd like to know the name) makes for a carpet of tiny pink flowers: IMG_2508 We gathered on the bank of the creek as we watched a BELTED KINGFISHER: IMG_2467 An EASTERN PHOEBE delighted us in the Prairie area: IMG_2471 IMG_2488 Mitch Leachman , as always, was a fount of information about the birds. IMG_2482 He told us how watching even the everyday, backyard birds, and learning about their behaviour, would be very satisfying; something I agree with, heartily! We spotted two GREBES in the water. IMG_2490 IMG_2492 When a bird sat high up on a tree, giving the Deepa Mohan pose, it took a while for me to realize it was the AMERICAN ROBIN: IMG_2504 We had such a lovely time that the walk extended quite a bit! IMG_2507 A migrating MONARCH alighted on my sleeve, and I realized, looking at its damaged wing, that it would not make the full journey... IMG_2513 I think this was a SAVANNAH SPARROW but I am not sure: IMG_2528 We saw the Kestrel again, eating a quick breakfast: IMG_2524 We also sighted a mating ritual: IMG_2542 Here's Mitch, in front of the Muny, sharing his knowledge: IMG_2543 IMG_2546 We wound up looking at the RED-EARED SLIDERS: IMG_2548

I bid good-bye to yet another Monarch as I set off home:


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A very enjoyable morning, thanks to the efforts of Mark for FPF, and Mitch for SLAB!