Experiments with light, 190914, Forest Park

September 27, 2014

I went and met Danny Brown in Forest Park, and spent a contented morning. There were no new birds, but I was trying out shots in different light settings.

The early morning sunshine was something I had to get from Danny’s running car:


The rising sun on the Cooper’s Hawk gave me another opportunity to shoot against the sun:


This, to me, provided more drama than the conventional sunlight-on-the-bird shot. IMG_0984 There was the light on grass seeds: IMG_1021 The long shadows, and the arch of the bridge made an interesting composition: IMG_1034 I thought the sepia generalized the bird and accentuated the lines and curves. IMG_1042 The mist rising off the water made a good capture. IMG_1046 Even the common Mallard looked lovely in the golden light. IMG_1064 I enjoyed the various poses! IMG_1073 IMG_1072 IMG_1078 IMG_1082 Greenery against the light was lovely, too. IMG_1066 Then we came across a Wood Duck couple, partially in the light, and partially out of it. This was quite a challenge, getting the birds and their reflections without too much of washout. IMG_1106 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 Getting details with the zoom was important. IMG_1114 Of course, Danny clicked away like the pro that he is; it was I who was struggling! IMG_1116 I got the male Wood Duck alone: IMG_1118 Getting macro shots against the morning light was also tough. IMG_1128 Another common bird, the Starling: IMG_1130 I got a Cormorant in mid-flight: IMG_1139 IMG_1150 In the twilight, I went again to Forest Park, and got the Great Horned Owls that Mark and Brenda were showing some people: IMG_1219


I may not be producing earth-shaking shots, but I’m quite happy with my experiments with light at various times of the day.