Riverlands Bird Sanctuary, with Edge and June, 230914 (Part 2 Confluence nature trail)

September 26, 2014

When we finished at the dam, and had our coffee (thankfully, they didn’t say it tasted odd!) Edge suggested we go to the Confluence Point.


We had lunch (I completely forgot to take a photo of it…phulka/veg wraps, and soft drinks to go with it) Here are Edge and June with the coffee, instead!


Here they after lunch, just before starting on the trail.



We started on the trail; the time of day, possibly, was not the best for birding, and we didn’t see any. But that bothered me not at all, as both Edge and June are so knowledgeable about everything else I saw, and I got such a lot of information!

The beginning of the trail had a lot of information: IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 The pioneers of the westward expansion: IMG_1918 So too did the end point, where the two rivers meet: IMG_1910 Imagine the water being that high! IMG_1911 Butterflies: I watched a lot of Monarch butterflies. They weren't migrating in clouds, like the nature documentaries showed; there was one, here and there, flying around... IMG_1858 IMG_1851 IMG_1850 IMG_1853 Here are a couple of un id butterflies: IMG_1972 IMG_1995 Wildflowers: Several delighted me.. IMG_1865 IMG_1878 IMG_1869 IMG_1928 IMG_1903 IMG_1924 This plant belongs to the Nightshade family: IMG_1927 We found this plant had a strange aroma, but June couldn't place the name. IMG_1884 This is Bindweed, considered a pest in gardens: IMG_1866 IMG_1913 IMG_1949 IMG_2002 IMG_1922 Clover family: IMG_1959 Wild Gentian: IMG_2004 Autumn is coming, and the plants let us know: IMG_1963 Here's a burr that inspired Velcro: IMG_1914 A wildflower from the pea family: IMG_1949 This is Illinois Bundleweed, in its dry form. IMG_1973 Here's the fresh variety: IMG_1997 And the leaves: IMG_1974 Insects: June pointed out these larvae, which were eating the plants around: IMG_1867 IMG_1868 Several very large grasshoppers had me hopping after them! IMG_1933 Can you spot the damselfly? IMG_1872 Well, I managed to get a close-up: IMG_1954 Several beetles zipped along our path: IMG_1964 This fat spider swung in the sunshine: IMG_1883 and this little jewel closer to the ground: IMG_1897 Tent caterpillars are considered pests, but that doesn't take away the marvel of their engineering! IMG_1900 I got a Hornet on a wildflower: IMG_1956 And, later, on a bench: IMG_1971 Here's a ground beetle on the Goldenrod: IMG_2000 We discussed centipedes and whether they were poisonous: IMG_1942 A Harvestman (Daddy Long Legs...just LOOK at those legs!) was a treat to see. IMG_1944 So was a Cranefly. IMG_1947 Amphibians: This beautiful toad was not easy to see. IMG_1935 It took a lot of effort to take a pic where the creature is not melding into the surrounding leaf litter! IMG_1889 IMG_1890 Edge caught one so I could get him (or her): IMG_1936 Then I managed to get it on the path: IMG_1940 The scenery: The weather and the open countryside were both beautiful. IMG_1982 IMG_1902 IMG_1907 The Mississippi: IMG_1915 IMG_1916 The confluence of the mighty Mississippi and the Missouri rivers: IMG_1909 IMG_1919 Here's Edge on the trail, with those 3 extra legs of hers: IMG_1871 Here's June, trying out her new attachment, which allows her to take pics on the phone through her scope: IMG_1879 The two steadfast friends walk the paths of Nature and Life together: IMG_1899 IMG_1908 IMG_1920 IMG_1957 We finally went to the Audubon Center to have a look around: IMG_1993 IMG_1994

Edge, my heartfelt thanks to you!