Riverlands Bird Sanctuary, with Edge and June, 230914 (Part 1 Birding)

September 25, 2014

Edge Wade and June Newman, two birders whom I hold in high esteem and have long wanted to meet, planned on a nice birding outing for me, to Riverlands Bird Sanctuary, on the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. I felt instantly comfortable with them…it made for a lot of enjoyment! I am very grateful to them for the lovely outing.

There was a beautiful view of the

Clark Bridge

from where we were:



We stopped at what we would call the backwaters, first: IMG_1774 We found a lot of DOUBLE-BREASTED COROMORANTS and RING-BILLED GULLS: IMG_1774 I was very pleased with the zoom on the SX50, because the birds were quite far away. IMG_1776 IMG_1777 We also saw a couple of immature BALD EAGLES, fishing: IMG_1782 I was glad I had the zoom of the SX50: IMG_1786 IMG_1795 GREAT BLUE HERONS IMG_1797 IMG_1801 and GREAT EGRETS were everywhere. IMG_1805 The AMERICAN PELICANS were delightful, too. IMG_1821 IMG_1825 IMG_1828 A Bald Eagle got in on the act, too: IMG_1829 IMG_1831 and there were a couple of Broad-winged Hawks, a lifer for me. (No pics, they were too high up!) TURKEY BUZZARDS floated high above, too. IMG_1833 IMG_1839 We wanted to sight the Red Knot, and other birds that had been reported..but were not lucky, because a Peregrine Falcon flew over, and that disturbed all the birds, and the only shore birds we could see were some Kildeer. Barn Swallows swooped overhead; so we decided to go to the dam. IMG_1846 Edge has forgotten more about birding than I will ever know. IMG_1793 IMG_1779 I called her a Spider as she went along with two legs of her own, and six extra (scope) ones: IMG_1808 So, also, with June: IMG_1781 We shared the coffee I'd brought: IMG_1844 I'm going to make another post about our visit to the Confluence trail, because that was a nature trail, just the kind I like, with food, information about everything that we were seeing and passing, jokes, and wonderful weather with wonderful company...but we were short on birds. (We did see this bird at the end, against the sun, and I don't know what it is...we didn't decide...Brown-headed Cowbird,is my opinion..) IMG_1984

The photos are on my FB album,


My thanks to Edge and June for a wonderful outing!