Summer, and surgery, 190814

August 20, 2014

Even if school has begun, summer evenings are fun times.


Kobe is the little Shih Tzu (no, that's not Shit Su, that name comes from the Chinese for Lion Dog!) that the neighbours, Sandy and Michael, have. When the mother is very allergic to cats and dogs, the family can't have pets, but the next best thing is playing with the Dog-Next-Door! (That's Mike in the background.) DSC08168 As Sandy trims the lawn, Kobe (named after Kobe Bryant), frolics with KTB. DSC08169 Green grass and blue skies are made to run and jump around. DSC08170 And then sit and communicate, without words: DSC08172 Meanwhile, the brother goes into surgery for adenoidectomy not with any apprehension, but a huge joy at all the gadgets surrounding him! bda hsptl  190814 3 bda hsptl  190814 2 The toys in the children's ward are great, too! bda hsptl  190814 4 And can you believe how chipper he is, back home in the evening after the surgery was successfully done:

Here’s our summer girl…


and our surgery boy:

bda hsptl  190814 1

Their smiles and play light up my heart!