Nature at a bus stop, St.Louis, 120814

August 13, 2014

Here’s the patch of “weeds” at the bus stop where we wait, to send KTB off to school, and get her back again in the evening.


You wouldn’t think that would be full of interest, would you? But you’d be wrong!

First off, the grass with its seeds looked so lovely:


I saw these beautifully-forming seed-pods:


Another plant gave me the gift of these burrs, to disperse its seeds far and wide:


Then I realized that there was a flowering Convolvulus vine, too, so I went near one flower to photograph a bee.


I then realized that the flower had another occupant, apart from the bee.. There was a spider sitting there, as well!


Out she came, for me to photograph: DSC07852 DSC07850 I did wonder if the bee and the spider would attack each other, but no, peaceful co-existence was the order of the day: DSC07847 DSC07854 DSC07855

The bees took their turn with the pollen:


I spent two hours at that bus-stop, and never got bored for a single minute! I had my fill of Nature and wildlife, just sitting in an empty lot and waiting for a bus!