Glimmingehus Castle, Skane, Sweden, 040714

July 16, 2014




is the site of Glimmingsehus Castle, in Hammenhog; it is a well-preserved medieval manor, the start of the construction of the fort dating back to 1499.



"Glimmingehus, situated in the county of Skåne in southern Sweden, is the best-preserved medieval manor in Scandinavia. Jens Holgersen Ulfstand began to construct the stately fortress in the year 1499. The present is on the left, and the past is on the right! IMG_2922 "Glimmingehus was established as an imposing residence for the Danish knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand and his family. At that time Skåne belonged to Denmark. IMG_2928 IMG_2945 IMG_2928 "Finds from archaeological excavations have revealed the highly exclusive nature of the Glimmingehus household. The most expensive objects available in Europe in the early 16th century have been found, including Venetian glass, extruded Rhineland glass and Spanish ceramic ware. IMG_2946 IMG_2941 IMG_2942 "Today, Glimmingehus is a living Ancient Monument and a centre for people throughout Scandinavia interested in the Middle Ages, as well as an exciting outing. New research, both archaeological and research into building history, has helped to produce a picture of how the fortress was once built and used." Even the lichen is blooming on the walls! IMG_2947 IMG_2952 We had our own, very good Swedish guide! IMG_2954 Down to the kitchen: IMG_2955 IMG_2959 The well that served the castle; the story goes that there is an eel, about a thousand years old, that is still alive at the bottom! (No, we couldn't see into the well!) IMG_2960 The huge hall at the top: IMG_2977 The staircase: IMG_2978 The view from the top: IMG_2981 Vaulted ceilings underground: IMG_2967 IMG_2968 IMG_2970 Narrow windows tell their tale of fortification: IMG_2957 Here's the baron who built the castle: IMG_2972 (er, he does look "petrified", doesn't he!) And here's the coat of arms: IMG_2973 The huge fireplace: IMG_2975 The area where the womenfolk lived: IMG_2974 Couldn't go past this: IMG_2982 successfully puts a villain in the stocks ! IMG_3008 The museum downstairs documented the way life was lived: IMG_3010 I certainly remember grinding soaked rice in a similar grinding stone, when I was very young, in my parents' home in Kolkata! IMG_3011 The refectory tables: IMG_3012 Interesting window: IMG_3040 This woodcut of the castle itself is very old! IMG_3042 Old tapestries: IMG_3013 IMG_3014 A poster advertising an event highlighting the activities of medieval times: IMG_3015 An artist has depicted various coats of arms: IMG_3016 Ancient implements: IMG_3018 Pouring pots (don't ask me why I thought of little boys pissing!) IMG_3019 Bread was dried in disks like that! IMG_3020 Kitchen soot will always be kitchen soot, and there will always be Cinderellas... IMG_3021 A modern lock in an ancient latch! IMG_3017 An amazing fact at this castle was that even tourism is very are the signatures of tourists from 1938! IMG_3022 PC was very taken with the moat, I think he wants one of his own, with crocodiles: IMG_3023 Another portrait (instead of oils, they used stone in those days!) of the Baron of the Castle: IMG_3026 A scale model: IMG_3027 I was amazed to find the Morching which we call the mOresing, and which is still played in many Carnatic music concerts: IMG_3031 It's apparently also called the "Jew's Harp" and is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world! Here's the castle employee playing it for us, being careful not to cut her tongue in two: IMG_3056 When medieval knights talked of chain mail, they didn't mean a spate of unwanted letters! IMG_3032 The museum had some (SO lightweight, made of nylon!) on sale: IMG_3044 They also had a lovely model of a slingshot cannon, and knights of old: IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 They had quill nibs and metal nibs: IMG_3051 There was a children's activity area: IMG_3033 Medieval pastimes no. 347, Riding a Pig: IMG_3035 Now you know why there are no more unicorns, they've been made extinct! IMG_3038 Tourists are helping make each other extinct, too: IMG_3039 Imposing Glimmingehus Castle...thank you for taking us there, ! IMG_3057 Ofkose I have to talk about the birds, too....many of them make their homes here. We saw Swifts and Starlings, Ravens and Rooks, and many Jackdaws, like this one: IMG_2937 As we were leaving, we sighted a pair of Common Kestrels circling above the castle...and Kejn spotted three nestlings, in a niche, high above! What a thrill it was! IMG_3064 So that was my heritage-cum-birding experience here! </lj-cut> That was me documenting Glimmingehus.... IMG_2943 I hope you enjoyed the castle as much as I did! IMG_3058 here is my FB album of the visit. "