Linkoping Cathedral, 200614

June 26, 2014

After looking at the Midsummer’s Eve celebration, I realized that the

Linkoping Cathedral

was not very far away, and we walked till the beautiful green-blue spires were near:


IMG_1235 IMG_1237 It was breathtaking to watch the main spire looming up into the sky: IMG_1254 IMG_1257 The stained glass windows looked majestic from outside: IMG_1239 Through them, I could also see the effect of the stained glass as it would be if I entered the cathedral: IMG_1260 Here are two of the stained glass windows from the outside: IMG_1277 The side view of the Cathedral: IMG_1287</a Some of the tall windows have been damaged,but the damage has been left wisely alone for the most part. IMG_1288 In just a few places, some refurbishment has been done: IMG_1289 A detail of the weather vane: IMG_1278 detail of the trellis work: IMG_1279 The awesome main spire: IMG_1280 The Diocese nearby: IMG_1281 How ironic that the school (Gymnastik) nearby incorporates the word "nastik", which means "atheist" in Sanskrit! IMG_1283 Each entrance was imposing: IMG_1256 IMG_1260 This was the main entrance: IMG_1265 IMG_1266 IMG_1264 IMG_1267 The doors are, predictably, solid: IMG_1273 So are the locks (yes, the Cathedral was locked) IMG_1274 The walls are imposing against the sky: IMG_1276 The Museum was closed, too, when we reached: IMG_1275 Right next to the Cathedral is the Linkoping Palace: IMG_1258 The Linkoping flag has a tiger on it, which was very appropriate to someone from India! IMG_1259 Was this some kind of sundial? I couldn't make out, and there is no mention in the Wiki: IMG_1272 Here's PC, clicking it, too: IMG_1271 The road with the old coach houses: IMG_1285 </lj-cut> The Cathedral as it reaches up to touch the summer sky: IMG_1263 IMG_1268 It's very frustrating not to be able to get enough (in English) about this beautiful building and its environs...translating everything from the Swedish is a frustrating job!