Bus ride from Goteborg to Linkoping, 150614

June 19, 2014

It was to be a 4-hour bus ride to get to Linkoping (by the way, the latter is pronounced lin-show-ping and the “shoping” is similar to the modern English “shopping”…there were markets which then grew into these towns/cities .) Linkoping, the wiki entry tells me, was founded in 1287!

I started with a prismatic tram-shelter seat as we waited to get to the Central Station:


As we took the tram through Goteborg, to the central bus/train station, I saw some buildings.

I looked at what I felt must be an ancient water tower, and Google tells me that it is, indeed:


An ancient church, probably..the solidity of those buildings! IMG_0941 We approached the Central Station: IMG_0944 It was a picture-postcard! IMG_0946 Nearby was an hotel: IMG_0945 As my bus left Goteborg, I didn't know what this more modern tower was: IMG_0949 Signs helped me know where we were headed: IMG_0950 IMG_0951 A town that we passed: IMG_0952 Lovely to see the modern bus shelter and the ancient copper-covered cupola! I realized that the Bus Gods must be appeased: IMG_0954 This was in Jonkoping: IMG_0955 Contrary to everything I'd heard, cars began to pile up (I counted more than forty in line!) at this traffic signal: IMG_0960 We were travelling along the large Lake Vattern. IMG_0970 Another beautiful spire: IMG_0963 Our drivers were Mike, and Pia, reflected here: IMG_0967 I saw windmills but didn't tilt at them: IMG_0972 Beautiful meadows sped past: IMG_0976 We arrived in Linkoping: IMG_0978 Ikea! I've always wanted to visit this place IN Sweden (I've visited in several other countries and cities). IMG_0980 I was hoping to see the Gota Canal, but I only saw the sign. IMG_0982 Fleecy clouds, pretty houses and green trees welcomed me: IMG_0985 IMG_0986 IMG_0987 A very witty sculpture of a hoop, with a dog looking askance at it, was at one roundabout (if you look carefully, you can see the small dog.) IMG_0989 The hoop itself was a marvel of balance! IMG_0990 I passed "Biltema", which my cyclist friend tells me is a cycle store: IMG_0991 Prashanth just finished the cycling marathon of Sweden...the Vatternrundan, a 300-km ride around Lake Vattern! A quick view of the Linkoping Cathedral: IMG_0992 I hope to find out what this cigarette-lighter building is: IMG_0994 Was this a planetarium or telescope? I couldn't tell. IMG_0995 I didn't like these smokestacks quite so much! IMG_0997 </lj-cut> But at Linkoping Station and Bus Stand, my journey came to an end! IMG_0999