Picnic Lunch at Goteborg, 150614

June 18, 2014

It was Sunday, and I was leaving for Linkoping in the afternoon….so we decided (after clearing up a lot of ticketing mess) to go for a nice ramble, with a picnic lunch.

We started by watching this young




Next, we watched a flock of TITS (Blue or Great? the debate rages between Sumana and me) foraging: IMG_0889 IMG_0892 and sitting on the trees... IMG_0934 A BLACKBIRD showed itself in the leaf-litter: IMG_0896 IMG_0897 A FIELDFARE turned over the leaf-litter in typical Thrush fashion. IMG_0931 I spotted Cupid, out in the spring sunshine: IMG_0898 I realized that I was not the only one watching the birds: IMG_0900 He then stepped out of hiding, that black beauty: IMG_0904 Even "pests" look beautiful sometimes! IMG_0938 I love the way tourists and cyclists are given importance: IMG_0906 I did feel welcome! IMG_0907 We chose a spot near a magnificient pile: IMG_0911 Family photography began happening: IMG_0913 Lunch was not fast enough for some people: IMG_0915 A healthy, yummy dessert! IMG_0916 Having seen Cupid, it was appropriate that I look up into the sky, and saw this sunbow and the arrow of a jet contrail: IMG_0918

Quite aptly, too, there were star-crossed clouds!


Advik, whom I have christened Laddu Kumar, was looking particularly sweet.


We came back home, I finished my packing, and Deepak lugged my luggage all the way to the bus stop…but that’s the next post!