Another walk in Goteborg, 130614

June 16, 2014

Advik put on the new anklets I bought for him, and looked more of a laddu than ever:


Meanwhile, Sumana’s masala rice was excellent:


The colours of summer beckoned us outdoors.



Creatures such as this


rewarded our outing!



Wildflowers grew in their hundreds, adding beauty to the meadows. IMG_0192 _MG_0196 IMG_0287 IMG_0383 IMG_0201 This looked like Queen Anne's Lace,but was perhaps something else: IMG_0230 Buttercups shone golden in the sun: IMG_0214 Daisies daily: IMG_0284 Honeysuckle spread its heady scent: IMG_0415 Waterlilies bloomed in the pond: IMG_0370 IMG_0389 Ferns were lovely, too: IMG_0399 A duck sat rock-still: IMG_0205 Rain was not very far away, but held off: IMG_0209 IMG_0424 Mallard female: IMG_0330 Mallard male: IMG_0336 IMG_0341 A baby WHITE WAGTAIL strutted about: IMG_0194 IMG_0229 while the mother brought food: IMG_0227 GULLS posed: IMG_0344 JACKDAWS with their white eyes were everywhere! IMG_0364 IMG_0366 A FINCH female peeked at me: IMG_0374 Then she watched a BLACKBIRD bathing: IMG_0375 IMG_0378 IMG_0379 EURASIAN TREE SPARROWS were everywhere: IMG_0231 WOOD PIGEONS walked along: IMG_0404 EURASIAN MAGPIES are the crows of this area: IMG_0248 I saw my first FIELDFARES: IMG_0256 These are thrushes and behave exactly as our thrushes do back home, turning over the leaf-litter and foraging. A HOODED CROW was a hidden crow, in the foliage: IMG_0295 Babies were everywhere...these nymphs will grow up soon enough! IMG_0213 Some acquatic flower that I don't know the name of: [000004] IMG_0338 The greenery was lush and inviting: IMG_0236 A flowing stream: IMG_0251 and a fish in it: IMG_0279

The water in the stream made for an abstract picture:



Look at the common birds that I’ve seen in Sweden


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