Goteborg walkabout and tramabout, 120614

June 15, 2014

Sumana gave Advik his food:


And then we went off to see the sights!

The first creature to meet me was this



Which strutted about as if the world was monochrome:


Buttercups spangled the grass with shiny gold:


Advik was, of course, happy to be out: IMG_0050 So was his mother! IMG_0054 We took a tram and went past Liseburg Amusement Park: IMG_0060 We saw the Goteborg Museum: IMG_0061 (No point in being indoors on such a glorious day!) We went to the Asian Store to pick up a few items: IMG_0062 I enjoyed watching the trams, having grown up in a city (Kolkata) where trams still run. Some are wheelchair and stroller-friendly, some are not: IMG_0063 I enjoyed looking at the building facades: IMG_0064 We went to the mouth of the Gothia River, where the Opera House is: IMG_0065 A festooned ship was berthed IMG_0066 IMG_0069 near the "Lipstick" building: IMG_0067 There was kayaking too: IMG_0071 Advik found himself in the hands of the Grand-ma-fia: IMG_0073 He didn't seem too unhappy, though: IMG_0074 There were Mallards in the water: IMG_0077 Common Gulls were, well, common: IMG_0086 As were Herring Gulls: IMG_0104 and Black-headed Gulls: IMG_0107 Their tails made such a pretty pattern! IMG_0108 they were mewling: IMG_0088 they were bathing: IMG_0115 They may be common and pests, but they are still beautiful! IMG_0090 More ornate buildings caught my eye: IMG_0092 With details: IMG_0093 The Germanic word for travel always cracks me up: IMG_0093 A nearby mall, Nordstan, was festive: IMG_0095 Street musicians were "busking": IMG_0097 Some people's goodness shines out of their eyes: IMG_0100 the town square was lovely: IMG_0112 IMG_0116 I saw sea-horses in the air: IMG_0117 and a man on a horse: IMG_0118 Jackdaws were at the water's edge: IMG_0123 There was love in the air: IMG_0133 Flowers on the ground: IMG_0135 There were children in the air, too! IMG_0136 The sky and clouds looked lovely: IMG_0141 I watched two opponents, frozen in animosity: IMG_0146 IMG_0147 We passed a beautiful theatre: IMG_0152</a Vigettes spotted out of the tram window: IMG_0157 A Hummer as a taxi! The ultimate in consumerism: IMG_0158 Some pretty wildflowers grew by the paths: IMG_0164 This is for Father's Day, which is today: IMG_0166 There are wild strawberries in the Vastare's garden: IMG_0167 </lj-cut> That was my first experience of Goteborg (pronounced yothebUri) stad (pronounced shtAt): IMG_0155