Journey to Scandinavia, 110614

June 13, 2014

I started from Bangalore International Airport, which looked beautiful in the middle of the night:


I reached Paris CDG with a bad seat and no sleep, but at the departure gate for the flight to Stockholm, I was entertained by three children: DSC05688 They were busy having a luggage fight, while an infant looked on! DSC05693 A colourful caterpillar was also a neck-rest: DSC05698 CDG airport made a beautiful monochrome: DSC05701 We flew over the lush greenery of summer: DSC05722 The sea views were lovely, too: DSC05729 A highway snaked through the green: DSC05747 I arrived at Stockholm: DSC05764 It was as if this was what Sweden was telling me: DSC05780 Without Deepak's help, I could not have managed those heavy suitcases. He was fitter by the time we reached the Vastare home! DSC05787 On the bus from the airport to the Central Station (from where Deepak and I took a train to Goteborg), I couldn't help clicking, in spite of drooping with fatigue: DSC05781 A nearly-full moon rose: DSC05822 I loved the sleek look of the trains: DSC05840 The station, too, was so pretty! DSC05846 Sumana's kitchen was as hospitable and inviting as they both are: DSC05847 I was dead tired by now, and closed my day! Gothenburg in English is Goteborg in Swedish, pronounced "yotheburi" (thanks, Sumana!)

Let me close with these beautiful sculptures in the Goteborg Main Square:


For photos of the journeys, see my FaceBook album




is the garden of the home that Deepak and Sumana live in!