Bannerghatta with Rosita and Mark All the Feet, 030614

June 4, 2014

Rosita called and invite me to go with her and Mark to his yoga teacher, Rama’s farmhouse in Bannerghatta, and I immediately said yes.

It was a quick visit, but it was so pleasant and enjoyable. The farmhouse is situated right behind that of Fred and Clare Pais..and I had a wonderful time looking at two feet (and a huge beak) (Loten’s Sunbird)



The beak amongst the blooms:


Six feet: DSC05528 Six very tiny feet with a very business-like sting: DSC05531 Tiny jasmine: DSC05537 Two feet that have difficulty, yet go everywhere: DSC05555 A place for feet to pass: DSC05557 A beautiful place for feet to tread: DSC05556

Here are Mark and Rosita, four feet, posing happily for me:


Other photos from the visit, click on my FB album


Great company, the great outdoors…a great pleasure, indeed!