Love in the time of technology

June 2, 2014

There was a time when palm leaves And birds, too, were used To communicate between lovers And ensure that their souls fused.

The post and telegraph service Improved this somewhat: One could be in touch with the Other, Heart could call to heart.

But now it is the techno-age, The age of “keep-in-touch”: To keep separated and sundered hearts From missing each other too much.

She can quietly text him; Await his return SMS; In the silence of words that fly Their loneliness grows less.

Can she call him? Can he call her? Can they exchange some words? Can she hear him? Can he hear her? Or–just static, screeching birds?

It’s said,by ancients, that love Is conveyed through the eyes: But if they’re talking into a phone Depending on sight would not be wise.

Video calls, then, are the answer! Of each other they can have their fill. The thorny of the part of the rose will come Along with the internet bill!