Day 6, VTP, Kudremukh Fri, 230514

June 2, 2014

The “official” account:

Friday, 230514, Day 6

Sarath started early with a session on Mammals. touching on animal classification. After this, Dr H N Kumara made a presentation on Conservation Crises, with reference to several species which went extinct. He stopped his presentation so that Dr N A Madhyastha, who needed to drive back, could address the participants about genera conservation, with special reference to snails. The presentation was then resumed and the topic of Lion-tailed Macaques touched upon in some detail.

Sarath then showed the volunteers several videos on bird behaviour from his extensive collection. Following this, Seshadri talked about Amphibians…frogs and toads, and several others. He then led a short “Amphibian Walk” for the participants, showing them various creatures on the campus, right along the path.

Today I got a


outside my tent:


Here she is, a little closer:


Prasad showed me his sketches and I snapped some of them:




(That’s Ravi Koushik with the completed dinner!)

I caught K S Seshadri and Dr N A Madhyastha interacting with Sarath:


Dr H N Kumara talked about the Lion-tailed Macaques he’s been doing research on:


In the evening, Seshadri led us on an Amphibian Walk and we looked at various interesting frogs and toads!


Already the penultimate day drew to a close and the next day would be the last of the program….!

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