Day 4, VTP, Kudremukh Wed, 210514

June 2, 2014

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Wednesday, 210514, Day 4

As several ranges were out of bounds, 5 Anti-Poaching Camps (APC) were selected, with BNC as the 6th one, for the participants to stay in overnight. Women participants were assigned to the Mining Area, and the other participants were assigned through a draw of lots. The 5 ranges were: Pandaramukhi 1 and 2, Sujigudde, Ganapati Katte, and Kurinjal.

Sarath made a presentation on Tracks and Signs, showing several slides of the various tracks, and other signs, that volunteers would look for, to read the “story” of what had happened in the jungle earlier. Several mammals and reptiles were touched upon. The importance of urine and fecal matter was explained.

Post-lunch, there was a presentation on trees, explaining the key id features volunteers should look for.

Participants then left for the APC’s, spending the evening and the rest of the overnight stay getting a feel of how the forest guards, the true foot-soldiers of the wilderness, work and live.

We started the day with this jewelled web on the fence of the nursery:


There were all sorts of interesting places to go to, from the camp: DSC04839 But we were committed to our program! We found this little crab scuttling along: DSC04842 When the generator was running, everyone was also running to get their gadgets charged! DSC04843 The kitchen staff (extra helpers had been hired) DSC04846 worked very hard on this array of vegetables and fruits to provide us good food: DSC04845 We went to the Kudremukh Iron Ore Corporation Limited (KIOCL), which was an abandoned town after mining was stopped by the conservationists. DSC04860 It was eerie to see such huge scale of operations having been abandoned. DSC04868 DSC04872 The huge silo brought back memories of the "mother ship" landing, from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind": DSC04874 The devastated landscape was depressing: DSC04881 DSC04884 And yet, Nature is beginning to make a comeback: DSC04897 The beauty of the rocks there was breathtaking. One of these could have been put in an art gallery, and no questions asked! DSC04906 Kiran, who is quite knowledgeable about rocks, pointed out the plant fossil in between the sedimentary layers of this rock: DSC04913 At the mining area, we saw some CHESTNUT-HEADED BEE-EATERS DSC04916 and a GREATER RACKET-TAILED DRONGO: DSC04927 We decided to explore this road: DSC04940 We were rewarded with several sightings; this SAMBHAR STAG lay at his ease on the hillside: DSC04954 The shola forests and the grasslands lay with wreaths of mist: DSC04955 These PAINTED BUTTON-QUAIL delighted us as they scurried along ahead of our vehicle: DSC04979

I could not help clicking this tiny 8-footer inside the vehicle, too!


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