Day 3, VTP, Kudremukh Tue, 200514

May 31, 2014

Day 3..My official account:

Tuesday, 200514, Day 3

Participants were taken on a drive to see the shola and grassland habitats, and visited Ganapathi Katte, a high point amongst the hills. Post-lunch, Sarath talked about “Tools of the Trade” that a volunteer would require, such as a field notebook, a pair of binoculars, a field guide, and so on. A small explanation about binoculars was also given.

The Managing Director of JLR, Mr Sanjai Mohan, IFS, visited the camp along with Mr Avatar Singh, Executive Director. He also welcomed the participants and spoke of their privileges and responsibilities in the field. He also spoke of the history of the region, with the eventual closure of the Karnataka Iron Ore Corporation Ltd (KIOCL).

Sarath made a presentation about birds, touching on the various ways of identifying them and observing their behaviour.

The first sight that met our eyes as we came back from our walk for brefus:


Of course, that had everyone exclaiming, and pointing, and Prathap clicked them doing that, and I clicked him clicking them doing that… i DSC04670

I found some beautiful mushrooms near Kiran's tent: DSC04675 We went on a drive: DSC04762 We went to Ganapathi Katte, and on the way, we saw this CRESTED GOSHAWK drying its feathers: DSC04684 this SAMBHAR couple made a delightful picture on the grassland slopes: DSC04691 Here is the view of our camp watch tower and nursery from Ganapathi Katte point: DSC04718 The rocky outcrops amongst the grass were dramatic: DSC04724 A butterfly came and sat on our van! DSC04735 I also caught a grasshopper who seemed to be wearing dark glasses! DSC04741 This little JUMPING SPIDER took a lot of jumping around by me, to get a good snap! DSC04744 Here we are at Ganapathi Katte: DSC04761 We were stung to the point of madness by these CATTLE FLIES but when I took a macro shot, one was so beautiful (it got blood out of Kiran's arm!) DSC04765 Mating grasshoppers made a beautiful pic: DSC04775 So did a golden Dragonfly on a stick: DSC04778 Another view of the beautiful curves of this unknown wildflower: DSC04787 The buds and blooms of the OSBECKIA STELLATA flower,looked pretty: DSC04788 We trekked down to the place where the camera traps were being set up. The vegetation looked green and inviting: DSC04792 Gurudatt (with the camera-strap; he is based at Dandeli JLR) gave us a lesson about camera-trapping: DSC04804 After we returned, Mr Sanjai Mohan (MD, JLR) and Mr Avatar Singh (ED, JLR) visited us and interacted with us: DSC04820

It was another productive and enjoyable day.

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Here’s a leech lying (in fact, standing!) in wait for us!