The Camp Elephants at Bannerghatta Zoo, April 2014

April 15, 2014


Having gone thrice to the zoo area in the course of a week, I was able to see the camp elephants being brought back from their foraging trips in the periphery of the Bannerghatta forest area.


I must say, I am very impressed with the health of these camp elephants, and their excellent relationships with their mahouts.

DSC02133</a> They are helped by their mahouts...the second one is just about settling down! DSC02134 DSC02135 Look at the little one nuzzling up! DSC02136 The amount of dust that a female human being would instantly set about cleaning, seems welcome to a female elephant! DSC02138 DSC02139 A young one comes along curiously (she's called Roopa): DSC02140 There's work to be done...this wood has to be carried inside the zoo, but neither youngster is doing to do that (just like humans!) DSC02143 The little one, indeed, roots along happily: DSC02146 DSC02147 They start walking towards the rear entrance of the zoo: DSC02149 Here's a short video of their gait: It's left to the adults to bring the baled wood: DSC02150 DSC02151 The elephant's trunk and mouth are such amazing things! DSC02152 Obediently, El Nino follows his mother and aunts: DSC02153 Now, it is the turn of the tusker (in India, only male elephants have tusks) to come and settle down: DSC02154 DSC02155 Not an appealing sight, the rear of an elephant? I found it quite interesting... DSC02156 Because, as the mahout dusted him down, I saw a part of an elephant I've never seen before (no, not THAT, you dirty-minded lot!) DSC02157 The soles of an elephant's feet! DSC02158 This tusker is called "Vanaraja" (King of the Forest): DSC02159 After his dust bath, he headed in the opposite direction, back into the forest periphery: DSC02165 Here's the tusker getting up: We watched him as he swayed off, majestically: DSC02166 After being brought back into the Zoo, they seemed to be very happy in their enclosure: DSC01960 Throwing dust over themselves, or dusty stuff, seems to be a way of relaxing: DSC01963

The unnamed baby was especially happy, lolling about in the fodder: