Hoskote kere, 050414

April 8, 2014

Since David Frye, of Detroit, Michigan, had contacted Chandu to go to Hoskote, Thomas, his son Aakash, and I also joined in from south Bangalore.

We crossed the K R Puram bridge as dawn was breaking:


This palm tree was bouncing an orange ball as we reached the lake:


The lake was a mirror: DSC01651 There were an amazing number of swallows on the "bund" or the shore of the lake. DSC01655 Here's my short video of the surfeit of swallows: Here are two, preening: DSC01656 They sat on the dried-up trees in the lake, too: DSC01658 David Frye and Chandu arrived as we were observing the birds: DSC01665 I was very impressed with his sketching and documentation: DSC01664 Here's our little group against the morning sun: DSC01670 L to R: Chandu, David, Vignesh( who also arrived at the same time), Thomas, and Aakash. On the lake bed, we found an ex-crab: DSC01678 We consulted to get id's.... DSC01683 Especially one bird that was a lifer for me, the COMMON GREENSHANK: DSC01686 Meanwhile, Sanjeev Managoli also drove up on his way to his teaching duties, and in his car, I saw this delightful Ganesha, with a laptop and a mouse: DSC01694 We took a brefus break, and here are all of us: DSC01695 And here's IVC (Iddli, Vada, Coffee!) DSC01697 Suvarchala, Chandu's wife, had made these delicious gulab jamuns, so we ate them, too: DSC01699

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