How The Booda grew up before our eyes...

March 17, 2014

Amazing what a difference hair makes to the appearance of a person…even when that person is just 14 months old!

That was Kalyan being shorn of his hair. My daughter wrote


about the first haircut…

Traditionally, the hair is offered in a temple, but the parents didn’t want to do that.

So here we are at the haircutting “saloon”, where “gents” get their hair cut:


AM admires the baby hair one last time:


Checks its length:


The hair is wetted down: DSC00311 He touches his wet head! DSC00312 He isn't bothered at all: DSC00314 The shearing begins: DSC00316 The process is nearly complete, and is being documented by his father: DSC00318 It was the elder sister who was more upset, and sitting with a crumpled-up face in a corner! DSC00320 I had to come out and get her some mango juice and some chips; but then everyone came out, and we all had "orange kucchi ice" (orange juice sticks, utter sugar bombs!) DSC00322 Our friend got a share, too: DSC00324 We went to our friends' home, where he was bathed, and sandal paste applied to his little head: DSC00327 DSC00328 DSC00333 DSC00334 He played quite happily, wearing his new shoes: DSC00335 Within a few minutes, he went from being a little wispy-haired baby to being a little boy: DSC00336

The full moon that night reminded me of his shiny, sandal-coloured head!