Vasu on methods of teaching

March 4, 2014

Methods of Teaching

In the CAGE method of teaching The guru sees you as strong but wild He cracks the whip, shows you your place You learn by dint of focus and discipline As a team of lions learns from one Truly in command

In the CASE method of teaching The guru engages with you questions Challenging, she channels your thinking You learn by tentative and cautious chance taking By participative experimentation Your learning grows

In the CARE method of teaching The guru expresses his love for you He makes your mental maturation his sole mission (His soul mission too) You learn from his love for what and whom he teaches And you come to love learning


P.S.: Each method is appropriate for a different stage in the student’s - not to mention the teacher’s - development. In school, we got a good bit of the CAGE method, then at college we got a taste of the CASE method. I have used a combination of the first two in my own teaching, and am now trending more and more toward the third because a good teacher once told me, “They may or may not remember what you taught them but they will never forget how you made them feel.”