Udupi Temple Complex, Karnataka, 090214

February 13, 2014

Having participated in the Manipal Bird Day, my friends Prabhakar and Savita


took me to the famous Sri Krishna temple at Udupi.




Krishna Temple

is the one that most devotees go to visit, but the Sri Krishna Matha is one of the

Ashta Mathas

(mattha, or matt, or mutt...are different ways of spelling it), the eight monasteries, and their heads being: Palimaru - Sri Hrishikesha Tirtha Adamaru - Sri Narasimha Tirtha Krishnapura - Sri Janardhana Tirtha Puttige - Sri Upendra Tirtha Shirur - Sri Vamana Tirtha Sodhe - Sri Vishnu Tirtha Kaniyooru - Sri Raama Tirtha Pejavara - Sri Adhokshaja Tirtha DSC08748 DSC08742 DSC08741 DSC08735 DSC08728 The ashta mathas are named after the villages in which they were originally located. Today, the mathas are situated in the temple town of Udupi. The mathas work to propagate the Dvaita philosophy. They also administer the famous Udupi Krishna Temple by way of a formal rotation scheme called Paryaya There are many, extensive buildings: DSC08730 The Kaniyoor Matha DSC08739 has two colourful dwAra pAlakAs (entrance guards): DSC08740 DSC08737 Note the ornate pillars, too. DSC08736 It was surprising to see a mango tree already fruiting in February! DSC08761 The rathA (temple chariot) is majestic: DSC08754 DSC08753 DSC08734 DSC08749 The wheels are of wood: DSC08752 Here are some of views of the beautiful woodwork on the rathA: DSC08757 (in the centre is a drum, which I think is beaten during processions.) DSC08751 The ratna rathA (chariot of gems) was locked up, but one could peep in through a small window: DSC08756 One "rathA" is made of the wood, but is more like a gOpurA (temple tower) as it is not set on wheels. DSC08750 DSC08732 We went to the very first "udupi hotel"; today, Udupi cuisinee is one of the hallmarks of Karnataka cuisine, represented across the world. DSC08747 DSC08744 We had masAl dosAs: DSC08746 After the first assault, this became a "hol(e)y" masal dosa! DSC08745 There are shops all around the complex, but this young man was selling his wares independently: DSC08729 This is called an "appa kArai" in Tamizh; oil or ghee is poured into the little depressions, and sweet or savoury batter balls, called "appam", are fried. My friend Shyama Priya tells me that the appa kArai pictured here are made of shale/claystone, and appams fried in them turn out golden! My friends took the decision to move to Manipal from Bangalore, when their son Aditya studied there. It's a move that they are very happy with; they are very involved with the student community in the university town, and are deeply involved with birding, theatre, music, and other activities. They have a lovely "tree" bookshelf dividing their drawing and dining areas: DSC08764

In the middle of a busy, happy life, Prabhakar knows how to relax:


Thank you to my dear friends for a very memorable visit! Will post about the Manipal Bird Day soon…