Composition in red, Ramadevara betta, 040114

January 5, 2014


Hands in their prayer pouches, the devotees of Swami Prabhupada descend the rock steps from the Sri Rama Temple at Ramadevara betta, in Ramnagaram, Karnataka.

Red is the colour of worship,that I associate with the Hindu religion, and temples. South Indian temple walls are always painted with vertical red-and-white stripes; vermilion, an auspicious powder used in pUjA, is red (and gives its name to the very colour)….red was the colour of the sacrifices that used to be offered to the gods in the times of yore…

I just happened to look up the path (I was looking for the Yellow-throated Bulbul, to show a birder friend from Kerala) and this vision of Red struck me….