batAO, dOstOn, kyA karE? /Tell me friends, what would you have done?

December 25, 2013

sAmnE manzil thI.. peechE thI AwAz uskI.

The destination was ahead. Her voice, behind me.

ruktE thO safar chhoot jAtA. chaltE thO ussE bichad jAthE.

If I stopped, my journey would break. If I continued, I’d be parted from her.

manzil ki bhI hasrat thI aur ussE mohabbat bhI.

I wished to reach my destination, but I loved her, too.

Ey dil, yE bathA mujhkO… uss waqt mein kahAn jAtha?

O, my hear, tell me, Where could I have gone then?

muddat kA safar bhI thA… aur barsOn kI chAhat bhI thI.

It was a long-pending journey… And it was a long-standing love.

rukthE thO bikhar jAthE, chaltE thO dil toot jAthE.

If I stopped, my concentration would be scattered. If I went on, my heart would break.

yUn samajh lO, ki lagI pyA gazab kI thI.. aur pAnI mein bhI zeher thA.

Take it that I had a raging thirst, And the water was poisoned.

pIthE…thO mar jAthE. aur na pIthE thO bhI mar jAthE….

If I drank, I’d die. If I did not drink, I’d die…

Thanks to Santosh Oak for this gem.