Six-footers in Ahmedabad

December 18, 2013

I clicked all of these in the “wilderness” area of Atma Santulan, my friend Kalpana Raval’s 5-acre estate. She allowed me to wander all over the place…and I had a wonderful time. Even though the sprawling house was full of treasures, the garden was a place I could hardly tear myself away from. She’s got wheat and vegetables growing in one part; she’s retained a kind of unkempt, natural wilderness in another; large lawns on two sides of the house, and an office, where she, her son Nikunt, and sister-in-law, Dharmishta, practice law.

But I digress…here are the six-footers I saw….

Lime Blue


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Lesser Grass Blue


Lesser Grass Blue(under wing)


Blue-banded bee


Grass Jewel



Small Salmon Arab