Ahmedabad...and St.Louis....

December 13, 2013

I took the train to Ahmedabad, and am attending KM’s IIM class Ruby reunion (It’s called CSB…Chaalis Saal Baad).

My Airtel mobile internet connection AND my BSNL dongle both don’t work here. So I can’t use my laptop, or upload photos….I am typing this from my friend Kalpana’s office, in Thaltej.

Tomorrow, we are visiting the

Sun Temple in Modhera

(click on the link to read more about an amazing temple!)

It’s fun to meet up with old friends (the group has been meeting regularly with families since 1984, so we are very close)….but meanwhile I received this photo of my little Booda and his bib:


and this one of the early adoption of the habit of raiding the fridge:


I’m missing the children far more than I thought I would…..